NANMT is at a critical juncture in its existence. With the resignation of Judy Dean as President and the inability or willingness of anyone to step forward to fill her place, NANMT is struggling to stay a viable organization.


Since NANMT is a mostly volunteer run organization with only a part-time staff executive, its ability to move forward has been greatly impacted.

There are many projects and programs that NANMT would like to pursue particularly in the realm of certification. To do that; however, takes dedicated volunteers who have the time and talent to commit to NANMT. It takes time to find those volunteers.

To give NANMT time to recoup and to determine its fate both financially and structurally, the Board of Directors has decided to move the organization to an inactive status for a year. What this means to members is that no dues invoices will be sent for next year’s dues. Those who are members of NANMT at this point in time will remain members for the next year while we work to reorganize. Our website will remain up and emails and phone calls will continue to be answered but no new programs or initiatives will be undertaken.

During this time of reorganization, there is a need to identify volunteers to take us into the future. Now is the time for those who can and will take on this task to step forward. Without more active volunteers and leaders, NANMT's viability is uncertain. Please email or call a Board member if you are willing to step up to the plate.



Judy Dean, NANMT's president, has stepped down from her Board leadership position for medical reasons. We wish her speedy recovery! Judy has been the face of NANMT for the last two years, as well as its driving and cohesive force. We miss her dearly.


NANMT desperately needs volunteers to carry on. Remember, as a member in the Nursing Organization Alliance (NOA), the NANMT procures full recognition in the nursing world of Nurse Massage Therapy as a nursing specialty. This not only anchors our specialty nursing practice, but also boosts massage/bodywork in the eyes of the medical health care community.


If all that sounds good to you, and you are a current member, please consider stepping forward to serve on the Board, and if you not a member, but are in favor of promoting the loving therapeutics of touch in healthcare, please support our mission!



Save Money.....Save Time.....
Take advantage of NANMT's new CE Affiliate - Signing up for ALLEGRA'S on-line courses allows you to receive CE credit for Nursing and Massage Therapy for that course. For each course you complete financially supports NANMT's Mission and Goals





What does my state require of me? This is a common question for those interested in NANMT Membership. Here you will find the answers to your question. Click here to view an interactive map of state boards and requirements. Click here to open a PDF list of state regulations



Even though NANMT is going into inactive status, you may still donate online using Paypal to assist NANMT with its financial responsibilties as it regroups. To stay connected to the Nurses Organization Alliance, and to keep structures functioning, costs money! Click here to go to the donation page.