There are currently five membership types. Below are the membership type description and their annual fee.

ACTIVE: (one vote) A licensed nurse who holds NCBTMB certification or a state license to practice therapeutic massage/bodywork, or has completed a minimum of 500 hours verifiable instruction in massage and/or bodyworks. Please proof of status by mail, fax or email. This is required to process Active Members. $100


STUDENT: (non-voting) One of the following applies: a licensed nurse enrolled in a massage therapy/bodywork program which will quality him/her to take a state massage licensing exam or the NCBTMB exam; a nurse massage therapist enrolled in a graduate level nursing program; a practicing massage therapist who is enrolled in an accredited school of nursing. Please proof of school enrollment by mail, fax or email. This is required to process Student Members. $55


INSTITUTIONAL MEMBER: (non-voting) A university, college or school of nursing or massage therapy, corporation, or individual business supporting NANMT's goals and mission. Benefits: discounted advertising and exhibit space at conferences. $300


SUPPORTING MEMBER: (non-voting) An individual interested in supporting NANMT philosophy and goals. $75


ELDER MEMBER: (non-voting) An individual age 65 or over. Not mandatory, you may meet the age requirements for an Elder Member and still chose to be an Active or Supporting Member. $65


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