The National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists


If you've searched this far into the site, maybe you're the one to bring NANMT back to life.

All it takes is a dedicated core of Nurse Massage Therapists to take the helm. The vision of NANMT is strong and very pertinant. The gains NANMT facilitated in its day are still relevant and easily revitalized.

It's easy to incorporate, less easy to obtain a tax-excempt status, and relatively easy to set up an infrastructure through which membership can be built. At its peak NANMT held regional and national conventions, which facilitated great networking, and generated money! If you build it, they will come....

Contact if you're interested.
NANMT can generate income

1. advertising in a newsletter (see next block for possible rates)
2. offering an online referral network
3. offering members an online webpage
4. T-shirts and merchandise.
5. Online advertising

6. Conventions

Make NANMT great again! (is that slogan taken?)