Join the National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists to further the purpose of Nurse Massage Therapists

Directions to Apply: DOC PDF

State Representatives
A State Rep serves as a liaison between State members, a NANMT Region Director, the NANMT board and NANMT Management. A Rep facilitates networking among members, recruits new members, organizes meetings in support of members and education for members and distributes information and articles pertaining to the practice and/or regulation of Nurse Massage Therapy.

Regional Directors
A Regional director serves as a liaison between State Representatives, the NANMT board and NANMT Management. A Regional Director facilitates networking among members, State representatives and the NANMT Board, represents and promotes NANMT in the community, keeps informed of current legislative issues related to massage and nursing of states in their regions and help to plan and develop regional conferences as recommended by the Board.

As the State Representatives and Regional Directors, the Officers of NANMT are required to be ACTIVE members in good-standing. Officers are expected be able to meet time and travel commitments of any office. The President guides the association; the Vice President is liaison between the Board and committee chairpersons and supports the President; the Secretary records the actions of the Association; the Treasurer oversees the financial/budget planning.

Education Director
An Education Director promotes Nurse Massage Therapy as a nursing specialty to nursing educational institutions, chairs the Education committee, and oversees the development of CE courses and educational conferences.

Law & Legislative Director

The Law & Legislative Director communicates to state and national legislative bodies, professional nursing and massage organizations and other interested parties about NANMT and its goals and purposes. The Director also interfaces with NANMT members and other associations as to legislative issues.

CE Conference Presenter
All CE providers of massage or nursing disciplines are welcome to submit their credentials, fees and expectations of presentation to the NANMT Board for consideration.

Conference Crew/Planning support
Any member of NANMT is welcome to submit ideas for conferences, suggest locations and facilities for conferences and offer their time to work a conference.