The New Book of Baby & Child Massage
by Robert Toporek
2005, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
review by Andy Roman


What we have here is a inspirational guide for touch-education, not just a book of techniques. It presents massage as part of a larger high-touch approach to child-rearing which will naturally result in a peaceful world. A world where comforting, consoling, and pleasure are a steady part of contact with other humans in the form of loving touch. Where de-stressing is as much a part of contact with others as is getting stressed out. Count me in! Count us all in, and let's start with the children.

Author, Robert Toperek, thinks big: "Our mission is to plant and nourrish the seeds of human transformation in our lifetime". God love him. He thinks big in his approach to body parts, too, offering his interpretation of the existential benefits of each of the techniques. OK, a little far-fetched to think that "by massaging the area of your child's pelvis and inner thighs, you can give him.... a better understanding of and control over his sexual life", but what the heck, this man's heart is in the right place.

The New Book of Baby & Child Massage is well organized, easy on the eye, and full of helpful illustrations. Recommended for any massage therapist interested in working with kids, and to all parents.