Holistic Pathology for Body-Centered Therapists
by Sharon Burch, MSN, ARNP, NCTMB
Health Positive, Inc
review by Andy Roman


I have high praise for Sharon Burch's "Holistic Pathology for Body-Centered Therapists". It's overbrimming with textbook level information, offers the easy referencing organization of a handbook, and is written with the fluid, readable tone of a guidebook. Who could ask for more? How about case presentations with the bodyworker in mind? The latest mind-body paradigms? How about nursing and massage CEU's you can actually apply for? It's got all that too. Along with chapter reviews, glossaries, a hundred-page appendix, and artistic line drawings at the start of each chapter to boot. I'm impressed.

With more comprehensive anatomy and pathology information than anyone could fit on a bookshelf, Sharon rounds out her work with background material and guidelines to help cultivate a holistic mindset in the therapist. I especially like the tone and scope of chapter 1 on Health Professionalism and chapter 11 on Caring For People Who Are Ill or Injured.

I have only two minor recommendatons for the reprint. Change the title. I think "holistic pathology" is a misnomer. How can pathology be holistic? How about "Pathology for the Holistic, Body-Centered Therapist"? And even smaller a critique: why did genitourinary pathology get clumped together with genetic conditions? Doesn't make sense. But nevermind that: I give this book a well-deserved A+. And I give Sharon Burch my thanks.