Massage for Pregnancy and Labor
Medcom, Inc., 1-800-320-1444
review by Andy Roman

This video is as inviting and as esthetically pleasing as it is professional. It portrays several loving couples being genuinely sweet with each other as they share practical massage techniques for bringing hands-on relief to a pregnant woman--before and even during labor.

The camera embraces its subjects without getting too close or technical, or staying too distant and aloof. The massaging is sound and presented with an explanation in lay terms (for example: the occipital ridge is called the "moon-shaped dent" in the back of the head.)

Noteworthy are the techniques for use during actual labor, some of which have the birthing mother on hands and knees, gently rocking while her partner applies compression to parts of her hips and low back--very intriguing. There are also some "after" interviews, with couples and their new children that shed light on the ongoing healthy benefits of massage--for the children and the couple.

Noteworthy also is the fact that Medcom consulted with three NANMT members in the production of the video for which they received due mention in the credits. This is both an excellent teaching video and an ideal gift for an expectant couple.